TOM GREENHALGH: cofounder, singer, guitarist. Side projects include Edward II and the Red Hot Polkas, and King Tommy’s Velvet Runway. Lives in the Devon countryside in southwestern England.

JON LANGFORD: cofounder, singer, guitarist. In addition to work with the Mekons, Jon plays in numerous bands, including the Waco Brothers, the Pine Valley Cosmonauts and Wee Hairy Beasties. Jon is also a respected artist who exhibits internationally. Lives in Chicago.

SUSIE HONEYMAN: Violinist. Joined Mekons in 1983. Runs the Grey Gallery with her artist husband Jock McFadyen. Lives in East London.

SALLY TIMMS: singer. A full-time Mekon since 1986, Sally also has released a number of solo albums and directs a quasi-annual holiday panto in Chicago . Lives in Chicago.

RICO BELL (aka ERIC BELLIS): Singer, accordionist. Joined the Mekons in 1984. In addition to a solo career, Eric is a well-regarded visual artist. Lives in Los Angeles.

LU EDMONDS: Multi-instrumentalist, singer. Joined the Mekons in 1984. A former member of the Damned, Lu also plays with PiL and Billy Bragg.  Lu splits his time between South London and Siberia when he’s not in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, where he works with indigenous folk musicians.

STEVE GOULDING: Drummer. Joined the Mekons in 1984. A former member of Graham Parker and the Rumour, Steve also played on Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives” and the Cure’s “Let’s Go to Bed,” among many others. Lives in New York City.

SARAH CORINA: Bassist. Joined the Mekons in 1991. Also plays bass with Striplight and produced the Monochrome Set’s latest LP, Platinum Coils. Lives in South London.

Francesca Allen

Former, associate & deputy Mekons

KEVIN LYCETT: Mekons cofounder Lycett still contributes lyrics and “inspiration” to the band, as well as contributing to the band’s art projects. He lives in Leeds.

MARK “CHALKIE” WHITE: Mekons’ original lead singer who prides himself for possessing “no musical ability whatsoever.” Teaches art in Cranbrook, Kent, where he lives.

ANDY CORRIGAN: The Mekons’ other original lead singer, Corrigan runs a company which provides technical and logistical support for touring bands. Lives in Stowmarket, Suffolk.

ROS ALLEN: Mekons’ original bassist. Ros left the band in 1978 to join Delta 5. She later went on to work as an animator, which she currently teaches at Sunderland University near her home in Tynemouth.

DICK TAYLOR: Guitarist who joined the Mekons in 1984. Dick is a founding member of the Pretty Things and an original member of the Rolling Stones. Lives on the Isle of Wight.

ROBERT WORBY: Mekons’ recording engineer and keyboard player, primarily in the 1980s. An electronic composer and sound artist who has collaborated with John Cage, Peter Greenaway and Michae Nyman, Worby hosts the BBC Radio 3 program “Hear and Now.” Lives in South London.

Other luminaries

JONATHAN FRANZEN: Novelist. The Corrections, which won the National Book Award, was inspired by music of the Mekons. Lives in NYC.

FRED ARMISEN: Comedian and musician. Former Saturday Night Live cast member Armisen is the co-star and co-creator of the IFC hit series Portlandia, and is currently the band leader of NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. His ties to the Mekons may surprise you. Lives in NYC.

GREIL MARCUS: Journalist, pop-culture critic. Original music editor of Rolling Stone magazine, Marcus is the author of Lipstick Traces, a book which traces punk’s history back to its historical roots. Lives in Berkeley, CA.

WILL OLDHAM: Musician/recording artist. Oldham, who records as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billly, has performed on stage with the Mekons as well as composing the song, “For the Mekons, et al”. Lives in Louisville, KY.

ANDY GILL: Guitarist and cofounder of Gang of Four. Leeds University art-school classmate of the Mekons. Played drums in first-ever Mekons gig. Lives in London.

CRAIG FINN: Singer/guitarist of the Hold Steady. Finn cites the Mekons’ music and long-standing career as inspirations for his band. Lives in Brooklyn, NY.

HUGO BURNHAM: Drummer and cofounder of Gang of Four. Lives in Gloucester, MA.

LUC SANTE: Author/historian/journalist. His article, “Getting By and Making Do,” for the Village Voice is an oft-quoted analysis of the Mekons and their music. Lives in Kingston, NY.

MARY HARRON: Filmmaker. The director of I Shot Andy Warhol, American Psycho and The Notorious Bettie Page, Harron was a rock critic for Melody Maker, where she wrote a seminal article on the Mekons in 1979. Lives in Brooklyn, NY.

VITO ACCONCI: Video-/performance artist; architect. A highly regarded conceptual-art pioneer, Acconci wrote and performed in Theater Piece for Rock Band with the Mekons. Lives in NYC.

BOB LAST: Founder of Fast Product Records, legendary punk label/art project. Issued Mekons’ first single, which was also the label’s first release. Lives in Scotland.

TONY FITZPATRICK: Highly respected Chicago-based artist, performer and radio personality.

GREG KOT: Rock critic for the Chicago Tribune and the radio show Sound Opinions.

MARK KEMP: Journalist. Former editor of Option magazine, where he ran monthly “Mekons Watch” column. Lives in Charlotte, NC.

MARTY LENNARTZ: Chicago radio DJ; producer of WXRT’s “The Eclectic Company”

ROB MILLER & NAN WARSHAW: Cofounders of Chicago’s Bloodshot Records, a country- and roots-inflected label and home to solo projects by Jon Langford and his many side projects, including the Waco Brothers, as well as solo albums by Mekons Sally Timms and Rico Bell.

THOMAS MASTERS: Chicago gallery-owner who exhibits Jon Langford’s work.

TERRY NELSON: Chicago radio DJ who introduced the Mekons to country music.

ED ROCHE: Former label manager for Touch and Go Records.

DENNIS & LOIS: Mekons’ superfans, merch stalwarts.

Rik Walton